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About the Research Project

This podcast is funded through a 5 year Insight Grant: Disrupting Death; An examination of Canadian experiences with medical assistance in dying (MAiD) from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). Our research team is grateful for this funding and excited to use this podcast to have important conversations about MAiD and end-of-life. The goal of this research is to provide insight and contribute to improving the implementation of accessible, person-centered MAiD for Canadians and alongside the following objectives:

  1. Acquire a deeper understanding of the experiences of Canadians who are intimately impacted by MAiD including 3 different groups of Canadians most intimately involved with MAiD, those who request it (individuals), those who accompany them (informal caregivers; friends and family) and those who provide the intervention (health care providers)

  2. Increase understanding about the questions, concerns, and desires that Canadian have about MAiD and other aspects of end-of-life care through interviews and focus groups; and

  3. Use a community engagement process to increase the information Canadians have about MAiD using digital stories and a podcast.

  4. Expand upon a multi-year research program informed by people who have bee impacted by MAiD that will directly address identified knowledge, system and policy gaps; to develop a research relationship with community partners and community members as a basis for future collaboration.


Presently we are looking to interview adult Canadians who are accessing MAiD to learn about their experiences specifically focusing on interfacing with healthcare, legal and social systems, about their hopes and fears regarding the dying process and why they are choosing MAiD at the end of their lives. If you are interested in participating in this study please email

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